Welcome to Mocha Momma Café.

Welcome to Mocha Momma Café.

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Thank you for visiting Mocha Momma Café™️. Happy New Year!!! We are undergoing some more site changes during the month of January. We ask for your patience with us until they are completed.

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Cappuccino Corner

Happy New Year! 01/07/2021 Posting Welcome back to the Café! It’s so hard to believe all we’ve experienced in 2020, and yet we’ve been blessed to cross the threshold to another year, 2021. Only God...

Wisdom Espressos

A Proverb-a-day helps keep confusion at bay! Proverbs 1 (Audio) Proverbs 2 (Audio) Proverbs 3 (Audio) Proverbs 4 (Audio) Proverbs 5 (Audio) Proverbs 6 (Audio) Proverbs 7 (Audio) Proverbs 8 (Audio) Proverbs 9 (Audio) Proverbs...

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