09/08/20: Self-Aware IS Self-Care

September is Self-Care Awareness month. I find it interesting that in August we focused on having a New Beginning, Self Love, and Loving Ourselves. We also focused on inner self-care.

Let’s extend that a bit. If September is Self-Care Awareness month, let’s take it a little deeper by focusing on Self-Awareness. When we are aware of our surroundings, aware of how we feel, aware of our thought patterns, then we can take our Self-Care to another level.  Remember, having Self-Care is being Self-Aware.  Being Self-Aware IS Self-Care.

A few years ago, I remember calling a friend/mentor of mine. She was talking to me and trying to encourage me in the way I was feeling about myself and life in general. Finally, she stopped the conversation and straight out asked me, “Why did you wait so long”.  I asked her to clarify what she meant. She then asked me, very pointedly, why had I waited so long to reach out. It was like she was scrapping the bottom of a barrel trying to lift me up. I replied to her, in earnest, “I didn’t know.”  I really didn’t know I was that down.  You may be wondering how could I have been so completely unaware about how I was really feeling. The truth of the matter is I really did not realize I felt that down. I had been taking care of everyone else, trying to fix this, trying to do that.  I had not taken into consideration how I felt or my needs. I had not put my oxygen mask on myself first. 

As the month unfolds, we will continue to focus on this subject but for today let’s just focusing on being Aware. Aware of ourselves, aware of how we feel, and aware of our thought patterns. Let’s be our own daily barometer, wherein, on the daily, and moment by moment if we have to, we intentionally do an internal and external self-check.

Let’s monitor and be aware of how we feel. I mean really feel. Let’s be sure we are in a good place and in a good space. I look forward to this September journey with you.

09/01/20: September’s Threshold

Ever feel like you are on a precipice?  Ever feel as if life is about to make a sudden turn or you know you have to make a decision that you know will turn the course of tide in your life…forever?  A new job, going back to school, getting married, are just a few major life decisions that changes the course of our lives.

Sometimes these decisions are our own choices. But, sometimes they are not.   We can’t control death. Accidents happen. Life happens.  Apparently, pandemics do too.

Yes, things happen that we can’t control.   But what about the things we can?  You may not be able to stop it from raining but it’s up to you to grab an umbrella, put on a raincoat, don the galoshes, or get whatever else you need to go about your day.   Think about September that way. An opportunity to move forward anyway.

Keep in mind those things you want or need to finish before the end of the year.  There are some things you know must be done, finished, completed. Get ready to do them.

September. Get ready to cross that threshold, take a leap off that precipice, whatever you need to do to move forward and finish that which needs to be done, in spite of 2020’s rain. Remember, just BE…and get ready to do. Do you Boo.

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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