10/07/20: Grace Received, Grace Given

There is a story in the Bible (Matthew 18:21-35) about a man who owed a lot of money. He was brought before the King for this debt he owed (in modern times its estimated to be over $3Billion dollars). He basically begged the King for mercy and was forgiven for the debt. Here is an example of extreme Grace to be forgiven such a large humongous amount.  There was no way he would have ever been able to repay this debt.

When he was released, he came across someone that owed him money. Yet, the amount of money that he was owed was nothing compared to that which he had been forgiven. However, he did not extend grace to that person, though they begged as well. He had them thrown into debtor’s prison (for about $46US dollars). Though this first man was forgiven his gigantic debt, he did not extend the same grace he had received.

When the King found out about this, he had him brought back before him and the King asked him why he did not show the same type of compassion he had received, especially since his own debt had been so much greater.

He, in the end, wind up being held responsible for that first initial debt. A debt that he could never pay. If he worked for several lifetimes, he never would have been able to pay that debt.  All he had to do was forgive someone else, extend that which he had been given.

If he had received his extension of Grace from and in a place of humility, appreciation, and gratitude, of being forgiven such a huge debt, then two men would be free. Now, instead, both were locked up and their families horribly affected.

When this first man was brought before the King the first time, he did not get what he deserved (defined as Mercy) and was not sent to debtor’s prison. In addition, he received something (Grace) he should not have received through pardon and forgiveness. Later on he forfeited both of these gifts by not showing compassion on someone else in his same circumstance.

One thing essentially important to remember here is that Grace is undeserved. Undeserved. Have you ever received compassion when you didn’t deserve it? Have you ever given it to someone who didn’t deserve it? I’m not talking about someone not being held accountable for their actions (especially if the law is involved). But, when all is said and done, we have to look at our own selves in the mirror. If we see anger, bitterness, or resentment looking back then we need to let go and forgive for our own well-being. At this point, even experiencing all these negative emotions, and being justified, doesn’t matter. Purpose and Destiny are at stake. This can keep us from reaching them in total freedom.

Who wants to make it to the finish line, full of regret or stand there dripping in sweat and anger, as justifiable, as it may be? We have to let go for ourselves, for our family, for our children, for our legacy, so we can truly move forward.

This daily “sip” has turned into a large mug of bitter black coffee with no cream, no sugar, no sweetener, or flavors. Because sometimes that’s how life is. The bitter (hurt) sometimes mixes with the sweet (compassion) and then becomes palpable. If you can add compassion to your own life, to and for yourself, you are well on your way to being and living free. Inspired. Purposed. And, Ready.

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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