10/08/20: Grace For You

I think sometimes the hardest thing to do is forgive ourselves. I know we touched on it a little bit yesterday, but because this is so difficult sometimes, it should probably be addressed again.

There are times in our lives wherein we know we’ve screwed up, big time. How do we release those mistakes? The guilt, the consequences? How do we let go of the past enough to forgive ourselves?

Sometimes, even the memory of something can be like a dagger penetrating our thoughts. Those thoughts, almost like a tape stuck on rewind, remind us of our own failures, mistakes, and mishaps. Here’s the important thing. Choose not to dwell on them. It’s not doing you any good, anyway.

What’s important is putting yourself in a position to heal and move forward. Focus on that. Focus on moving forward; otherwise, you really will be stuck in the past and that is definitely not something you want nor can afford to do. Give yourself some Grace.

Maybe you couldn’t have made better decisions back then. Maybe you could have. Either way, what can you learn from it? If you have to look at it, look at it long enough to learn from it then move on. Decide to move forward.

Smile at your own self in the mirror. And then, let go. Breathe deep and let go. Forgiveness, grace, peace, joy all these are available for you. Receive them as they are given. Freely. And BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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