10/12/20: Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy the little things. After all we’ve experienced from 2020, this may seem impossible to do. So many transitions, changes, lockdowns, quarantines, etc., so much has changed. Some have experienced a loss of income, some even a loss of life. Some things we will never be able to recover again in the exact same way. But, when it’s all said and done, isn’t that what life is all about anyway? The little things?

My children are all in their 20s now, but one thing I remember loving to hear was the pitter patter of their feet as they ran down hall (even though they weren’t supposed to run in the house-smile). In Friday’s post, we talked about butterflies. I, also, love hummingbirds, lighthouses, and seeing rainbows in the sky. What things do you love?

There are so many things to be appreciative of and thankful for. Yes, we got hit pretty hard this year. But, if you can read this post or even hear your favorite song that’s something to be grateful for and should not be taken for granted. Not everyone woke up this morning, not everyone has vision or site. Let’s be thankful for and enjoy these things. When we are grateful, it’s easier to be thankful for the ground we’ve covered. When we remember the road we’ve traversed and can look back, we can see little nuggets of goodness and memories that make us smile. Enjoy the little things. Also, find something about you, that special something that makes you, uniquely you, and celebrate that. Celebrate you and the little things about you that you love, enjoy, and make you, well, YOU. And, BE.

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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