10/13/20: Find Joy in the Ordinary

Pre-COVID, life for most was a rat race. Running here, there, and everywhere to do this, accomplish that, finish this, beat that and whatever else. One thing the quarantine forced us to do is slow down. We were once again able to get to know our mates and loved ones, possibly even more than we wanted to or even ever have before (smile).

Yet, joking aside, it’s in these moments we find joy. Who could find joy in mundane tasks: washing the dishes, doing the laundry, just regular at-home kind of things? But, there are some who don’t have a place to live, dishes to wash, or even laundry to fold, let alone a washer or dryer to help accomplish these regular normal tasks.

Remember, find the joy in ordinary things. Interesting what things you can find when you’re NOT looking. The keys you searched so hard for suddenly turn up under the sofa, a week after you had another set made (even though you know you looked there before). Your debit card or driver’s license turn up after trying to remember the last time or location you used them. But, what about the things that are right there available for us but we miss, we don’t see. Enjoying the little things is more than just finding joy, but, sometimes, it’s about making joy, seeing it and allowing ourselves to experience it. Joy. Let’s not take the opportunities it presents for granted. And, BE.

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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