10/15/20: Enjoy Life’s Moments

It would seem this would be unnecessary to say, unnecessary to encourage someone to do. But, oftentimes, “Enjoying Life’s Moments” is one of the most difficult things to do, especially when we’re distracted, upset, or worried.

Okay, so here’s a weird question for you. Are you where you are?  Completely?  What do I mean?  Is your mind and your body in the same place, at the same time? If you are doing one task or dealing with one circumstance, are you focusing on that task, or are you thinking of all the 100 other things you have to do? I’m not talking about basic multi-tasking, I’m talking about being distracted, all the time.

For example, if you are playing with your kids or spending some much needed time with your spouse, or is your mind miles away, remembering the many other things you haven’t finished yet (laundry, dinner, the business meeting you have to prepare for, etc). Here’s a word of simplicity for you. Be where you are.  Completely. Wholly.

It’s also important to remember that enjoying things is not just finding things to do that we enjoy but finding joy IN the life moments, in the everyday things we do.

If you’re at the business meeting or on the zoom call then be there and don’t worry about the other things you haven’t finished yet.   Wherever you are, be there. Completely. It will then be much easier to find the joy IN the things you do.

Remember, BE. 

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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