10/20/20: What Are You Saying?

At the beginning of October we talked about what we would want to accomplish by the end of the year.  What do you want to complete by the end of 2020?

Maybe it’s starting that business or enhancing your current career’s  path.  Maybe it’s getting into the outfit you haven’t worn in the last 3 years that you refuse to throw out or give away.

Think of where you want to be at December’s end. Here’s the catch. If you cannot accept yourself for who and what you are now, getting where you want to be by the end of the year is going to be twice as difficult. You’ll spend so much time second guessing yourself and trying to fight thoughts of self-deficiency it will be difficult to accept anything you do as good enough. Uh-oh.

For some, those are trigger words and are really hard to hear  —  “good enough”.  Do you feel that you are enough, let alone GOOD enough?  Second guessing one’s self and actions show that we don’t believe we are “good enough”.  If you doubt self then others will also.

What can you do to ensure your actions are secure and believe in the ‘you’ of yourself, the things you do, think, and want to be, say, or become? Let me ask you something else.

If a friend told you their concerns about not being enough, would you agree with them or would you tell them to stop trippin’ and remember how awesome they are?  Well, maybe you need to tell yourself that too. Look at what you’ve been through. Not what you’re facing now but all that you’ve been through to get where you are whether you like it or not.  

Remember the mirror from yesterday?  You may need to have a conversation with your own self in that mirror to remind you  how awesome you are and how much you’ve been through! Start with that today. Yesterday, you had to smile at yourself in the mirror, genuinely. Today, set a timer for 30 seconds and tell yourself good things about you.

If you are having a challenge thinking of some things, here a list to begin with:

  • I am awesome
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14)
  • I am the Apple of God’s eye (Psalms 17:8)
  • I am the BOMB (that’s actually a good thing)!
  • Here’s a big one, “I like myself.”  Uh -oh. Can you really say that about yourself? Well, you need to!
  • I love myself
  • God loves me too

***Don’t forget to smile just like we discussed yesterday.  Let it come up from the inside and flow out.

Start with these and expound upon this list repeat them if you have to until your time is up.   Let’s face it, 30 seconds is not a lot of time but it can feel like it if you don’t feel confident enough saying these to yourself. Your next step is believing it. But, what if we just start with saying it for now.

This is your assignment for the next 2 days since  tomorrow is Wisdom Wednesday and we always choose a verse from Proverbs to focus on on Wednesdays.  So, do this today and tomorrow and come Thursday be ready for the next step in the BE-ing and Be-coming of you!  Just BE. 

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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