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11/12/20: Gratitude Makes the Difference

Truth be told, life can leave us reeling: the-ins-and-outs, the intricacies, the uncertainties, those moments that happen that can really rock us to our core. Deciding what to do in these circumstances can literally make all the difference in the world.

Sometimes, we have to remember there’s no perfect answer for everything, and, we need to, dare I say, rest in the moment, in spite of the uncertainty of the moment, and pause to re-center ourselves. Life happens. Moments change and so do people. But, what about you? Are you extremely up one day and way down the next? Be your own barometer.

When we learn to do self-checks, on the daily, or, as often as needed throughout the day, consistency is key and it will eventually become more natural. Our internal barometer can gauge how we get through situations that arise unexpectedly. I’m not talking about ignoring how we feel. No, not at all. Actually, I’m talking about fully acknowledging our emotions but not letting the feelings of the moment take over. It is so important to not let the slightest things throw us off our game (someone cutting us off on the freeway, the person taking forever at the front of the line in the grocery store, etc.).

Sometimes, the little things can completely trip us up and it’s these things that make the difference. Things must be kept in perspective.

It’s one thing to have the really big moments in life (a death in the family, a divorce, an involuntary job loss, etc), or other monumental things that can really leave us somewhat paralyzed.

But, in this context, I’m talking about navigating through the ins-and-out of a normal day and not letting mundane things throw us off our track. If you feel yourself slumping or allowing other things to push you off, then acknowledge them. Feel whatever you’ve got to feel in that moment, then move on. Don’t stay in the moment for days, months, or even years. We all know someone stuck in the past or on rewind. Again, acknowledge the moment and move on so it doesn’t trip you up later. Learn whatever you have to learn and keep it movin’!

Remember our Gratitude Theme for November: Find the goodness in your situation, in your current Season, and daily decide to exercise Gratitude, even, or especially to yourself. Be truly Grateful.

T*A*G someone today with kindness. Yes, T*A*G someone by showing them Thankfulness, Appreciation, and Gratitude.   Watch your personal Season, how you perceive it, your perspective, your attitude, change before your very eyes and within as well. And, remember, just BE.

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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