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10/22/20: What’s Stopping You?

Perception vs Progress vs Perfection

Let’s face it. Perfection is a paralyzer. It’s one thing to make sure things are done in excellence. It’s another to require perfection. If perfection is required in all we do, all the time, then little is truly accomplished. Either that, or progress, is completely impeded.

Yet, perception can impede progress as well. Perception is how we see things. Perception is our reality but is it true reality? For example, if you tend to perceive the things you do from a negative point of view that is still your perception and your reality. However, everyone else around you may be telling you the work you do is awesome and looks great. But, for you, it’s never good enough (uh-oh, those trigger words again we discussed on Tuesday) nor is it perfect.

If perfection is your barometer (be honest, paralyzer) and your perception is tainted by negativity, then how can you truly progress? If you know the people around you are genuine and not just telling you it looks good or what you do is excellent to be blowing fluff, then maybe you should accept their reality as true in this case and move forward even though your apparent lack of perfection may cause you to feel uncertain.

You can choose one or the other. Progress or perfection. Not both. But here’s a caveat. The more you progress, the better you will truly become at whatever you are doing. What used to take you hours and hours may only now take only half or even one-fourth of the time. Stay in your lane, do you Boo, but don’t blockade your progress by your own perception.

Keep moving forward, step-by-step, moment-by-moment, action-by-action, and even, if necessary, failure-by-failure. You’ll still be further along than when you started. Even perceived failure could mean your moving forward though it may seem to set you further behind. How is that possible? Because at least you’ll know how not to do it again. Fail forward. Give yourself permission. And while you’re continuing those mirror exercises we discussed on Tuesday, add to the affirmations:”It’s okay to not be perfect,” and “It’s okay to make a mistake because even if I fail forward at least I’m making progress.” More tomorrow. For now, just continue practicing Be-ing.

BE. Inspired. Purposed. Ready.

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